Dogsee Crunch Banana: Freeze-Dried Banana Dog Treats

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Healthy fruity deliciousness-that’s our Dogsee Crunch’s freeze-dried, grain-free banana dog treats. These no-grain dog treats help build your doggo’s proteins and hormones and are also great as healthy dog training treats.

Want your doggos to go bananas over their treats? Our grain-free banana dog treats will do that for your dog. Containing just one ingredient, fresh bananas and nothing else, these are extremely safe treats for dogs. They help build strong muscles and bones with Potassium and proteins and hormones with Vitamin B6, acting as healthy dog training treats.


Key Benefits

  • Contributes to the growth of muscles and bones.
  • Helps build proteins and hormones.
  • Source of natural antioxidants.

Only Banana and nothing else

Protein - 5.8%

Dietary Fiber - 7.1%

Fat - 2.3%

Moisture - 4.0%

These single-ingredient treats are a healthier substitute for treats since they are made from real fruits and veggies without any added colors, chemicals or preservatives - a stark contrast to mass-produced dog treats that are heavily processed with chemicals. These fruit and veggie treats are versatile, and can be used for training purposes, as a reward for good behavior, and simply to give your little one some extra love.


  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Rahul Ajith
     1 year ago

    My dog instantly loved these treats. She doesn't like banana as fruit. But she really enjoyed these treats and the crunch.

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Devarshi Kansara
     1 year ago

    I wasn't so sure if I was going to buy this, but tried and bang, my dog loves it, they are not too hard, not too soft. I'm using this to train my pet , and it works. Better than any of my recent treats purchase and this is way cheaper than others

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Sangeetha Santhosh
     1 year ago

    Dogsee Crunch Banana is made of fresh bananas for good nutrition to dog. It's convenient to feed due to smaller in size. Free of Gluten, preservatives and colors. Good dog food. Recommended for all dogs.

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Aditya Verma
     1 year ago

    It seems quite a good idea to buy this, my dog is really loving it. He seems quite happy after eating them. It comes in good packing. He seems quite joyful and happy after eating them will surely try other variants as well.

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Aditi Bansal
     1 year ago

    Quality of food is good and made with natural banana without harmful chemicals.My dog loves the taste and most trusted brand

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Gracy Chauhan
     1 year ago

    Banana is the favorite of two dogs. They just love it

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Yashunandan Mer
     1 year ago

    My dog goes crazy over this every morning .. happy to see him eat 🙂His nose is very wet and coat has become healthy and shiny .. I am very happy about it 🙂

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Sambit Kumar Sahoo
     1 year ago

    My dog just love the product and this is what it love. when i receive it, he just grabbed the package and come to me for eating it. awesome product for dogs by the way. Just go for it if you love your pet. I just recommend it.

  • Dogsee User Placeholder

    Atul Sharma
     1 year ago

    Great deal with good and safe packing on time delivery item was not available in local market so I place on line order good. Very good for Pet Appetite and results shows in one week 👍👍✌️✌️